Chicago 2012
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Film Winners

Winners will be posted Monday night.
Refractive Cornea - Best of the Best - Grand Prize Winner
F170: Infinite Possibility: Using Small Aperture Corneal Inlay to Treat Variety of Presbyopic Patients
Tomita, Minoru
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Best of the Best
F92: Zen and the Art of Monovision Maintenance
Barrett, Graham
Quality Teaching - Best of the Best
F164: Corneal Biomechanics: What All Refractive Surgeons Should Be Aware Of?
Ramos, Isaac
Cataract Complications - Winner
F20: New Concept to Prevent Anterior Capsulorhexis Contraction
Matsushima, Hiroyuki
Cataract Complications - Runner-Up
F1: Longest Day
Agarwal, Amar
Cataract/Implant Surgey - Winner
F51: Lens Surgery Techniques in Marfan Syndrome: Revisited
Malyugin, Boris
Cataract/Implant Surgery - Runner-Up
F64: Handshake Technique for Glued IOL
Thandavan, Thema
Glaucoma Surgery - Winner
F68: Goldilocks and the Three 'Baers'
Fechter, Herbert
Glaucoma Surgery - Runner-Up
F65: Tube Tribulations
Anand, Vijay
In-House Productions - Winner
F81: Fluidics: Phaco Enemy No.1
Keszei, Vincent
In-House Productions - Runner-Up
F78: Dry Eye: Two Easy New Tools to Help You Decide on the Right Treatment
Gontijo, Leonardo
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Runner-Up
F98: Glued Endocapsular Hemi-Ring Segments for Sutureless Transscleral Fixation of Capsular Bag
Jacob, Soosan
New Producer - Winner
F111: Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Keratoplasty: Step by Step
Lee, Olivia
New Producer - Runner-Up
F57: New Device for Management of Posteriorly Dislocated Lens
Olson, Jeffrey
New Techniques - Winner
F35: Retro Lenticular Illumination
Fukasaku, Hideharu
New Techniques - Runner-Up
F56: Simplified and Safer Sutureless Intrascleral Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Fixation
Ohta, Toshihiko
Quality Teaching - Runner-Up
F139: Let There Be Wavefront II
Kim, Myoung Joon
Refractive Cornea - Runner-Up
F168: Mind the Gap! Rescuing Posterior Dislocation of Donor in Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty
Tan, Donald TH
Special Interest - Winner
F186: In Search of New Solutions
Osher, Robert
Special Interest - Runner-Up
F89: Fixing an Iris 'Oops' With Custom Iris Prosthesis
Snyder, Michael