Chicago 2012
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F23: Multifocal IOL Exchange in Presence of Previous Nd:YAG Posterior Capsulotomy
F24: Golden Ring: Golden Way to Manage Posterior Polar Cataract
F25: Uniocular Aniridia Fibrosis Syndrome in Congenital Aniridia With Bilateral Iris Prostheses
F26: Swiss Knife I/A
F27: New Device for Intraoperative Pupillary Dilation and Iris Stabilization
F28: Toric IOLs in Special Cases
F30: Xenon Light Probe–Assisted Phacoemulsification in Case With Corneal Clouding
F31: New Monofocal Achromatic Presbyopic Pseudophakic IOL: First Achromatic Lens in Implant History
F32: Techniques to Divide the Nuclei
F33: MaxPro Phaco: Underestimated Technique
F34: Automated Plasma Ablation Capsulotomy for Modern Precision Over Classic Capsulorhexis
F35: Retro Lenticular Illumination
F37: Brunescent Cataract Conquered
F38: By Endurance We Conquer the Capsular Bag
F40: Biaxial Microphaco With Only 2 Incisions
F41: Chop the Right Way, Episode 2
F42: Five Steps to More Consistent Results With Cataract Surgery
F43: Dislocated IOL and Capsular Bag Exchange With Iris-Claw Aphakia IOL Positioned Behind the Iris
F44: Our First Experience With Preloaded IOL
F45: Changes in Capsulorhexis Size During Cataract Surgery
F47: Transzonular Intravitreal Injection of Triamcinolone and Moxifloxicin After IOL Insertion in Lieu of Preop/Postop Eyedrops
F48: Capsulorhexis Revisited
F49: In-the-Bag IOL Placement With Radiofrequency Diathermy Capsulotomy: Superior Approach in Pediatric Aphakic Eye
F51: Lens Surgery Techniques in Marfan Syndrome: Revisited
F52: Release of Stuck Haptic in Injector by Splitting the Cartridge
F53: Surgical Technique for Posterior Pole Cataracts
F54: Panoramic View of Various Surgical Techniques in Managing Mature and Hypermature Cataracts
F55: Surgical Procedure of Combined Subluxated Lens Extraction and IOL Scleral Suture Fixation in Prevention Strategy for Complications in Children and Adults
F56: Simplified and Safer Sutureless Intrascleral Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Fixation
F57: New Device for Management of Posteriorly Dislocated Lens
F58: Intralenticular Metallic Foreign Body
F59: Mission Impossible: IOL Implantation and Weak Capsule Support
F61: Management of Small Pupil During Phaco by Capsule Retractors
F62: Microcoaxial Surgery in Hard Rock Cataract—Horror Case
F63: Toric IOL in Refractive and Cataract Challenging Cases
F64: Handshake Technique for Glued IOL