Chicago 2012
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F135A: BB Gun Injury: Principles for Successful Anterior Segment Reconstruction
F136: Crater and Split—Is Space Necessary to Remove Nuclear Pieces in the Bag?
F137: Phacoemulsification: Observing the Technique of Residents and Experienced Surgeons
F138: Medical Genetics and Corneal Dystrophies
F139: Let There Be Wavefront II
F140: Differential Diagnosis of Descemet Tears and Surgical Outcome of Infantile Glaucoma With Acute Corneal Hydrops
F141: Removal of Metallic Foreign Body From Angle
F142: How to Choose Your Refractive Surgery Patient
F143: Tips and Tricks for Managing Cataract Surgery in Patients With ICE Syndrome
F144: Maximizing Outcomes and Minimizing Complications in Phacoemulsification in Posterior Polar Cataracts
F145: Unusual Case of Clear Lens Extraction
F146: Crack and Rock—Posterior Polar Cataract Management in Phacoemulsification
F147: Many Faces of the Anterior Vitreous, Season 2
F149: Fibro Follies