Chicago 2012
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F176: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Keratoconus: Are We Facing a New Subspecialty?
F177: Presbyopia Correction With Mix-and-Match Approach
F178: Ophthalmology Behind the Iron Curtain: Cataract Surgery in North Korea
F179: To See or Not to See: That Is the Question
F180: Corneal Resection for Large Marginal Keratectasia and Consequent Cataract Surgery
F181: Novel Technique to Treat Necrotic Scleral Calcific Plaque
F183: Donor Cornea Preparation in Partial Big-Bubble Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
F184: Artificial Intelligence: Back to the Future—Optimizing Refractive Surgery Screening
F185: Seventeen Cases in Which IOL Fell Into Vitreous Cavity and Was Extracted
F186: In Search of New Solutions
F188: Intraocular Toric Lens in Patients With Previous Refractive Surgery
F189: Phaco Technology: 12 Years of Passion