Chicago 2012
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Automated Plasma Ablation Capsulotomy for Modern Precision Over Classic Capsulorhexis (F34)
Biaxial Microphaco With Only 2 Incisions (F40)
Brunescent Cataract Conquered (F37)
By Endurance We Conquer the Capsular Bag (F38)
Capsulorhexis Revisited (F48)
Changes in Capsulorhexis Size During Cataract Surgery (F45)
Chop the Right Way, Episode 2 (F41)
Dislocated IOL and Capsular Bag Exchange With Iris-Claw Aphakia IOL Positioned Behind the Iris (F43)
Five Steps to More Consistent Results With Cataract Surgery (F42)
Golden Ring: Golden Way to Manage Posterior Polar Cataract (F24)
Handshake Technique for Glued IOL (F64)
In-the-Bag IOL Placement With Radiofrequency Diathermy Capsulotomy: Superior Approach in Pediatric Aphakic Eye (F49)
Intralenticular Metallic Foreign Body (F58)
Lens Surgery Techniques in Marfan Syndrome: Revisited (F51)
Management of Small Pupil During Phaco by Capsule Retractors (F61)
MaxPro Phaco: Underestimated Technique (F33)
Microcoaxial Surgery in Hard Rock Cataract—Horror Case (F62)
Mission Impossible: IOL Implantation and Weak Capsule Support (F59)
Multifocal IOL Exchange in Presence of Previous Nd:YAG Posterior Capsulotomy (F23)
New Device for Intraoperative Pupillary Dilation and Iris Stabilization (F27)
New Device for Management of Posteriorly Dislocated Lens (F57)
New Monofocal Achromatic Presbyopic Pseudophakic IOL: First Achromatic Lens in Implant History (F31)
Our First Experience With Preloaded IOL (F44)
Panoramic View of Various Surgical Techniques in Managing Mature and Hypermature Cataracts (F54)
Release of Stuck Haptic in Injector by Splitting the Cartridge (F52)
Retro Lenticular Illumination (F35)
Simplified and Safer Sutureless Intrascleral Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Fixation (F56)
Surgical Procedure of Combined Subluxated Lens Extraction and IOL Scleral Suture Fixation in Prevention Strategy for Complications in Children and Adults (F55)
Surgical Technique for Posterior Pole Cataracts (F53)
Swiss Knife I/A (F26)
Techniques to Divide the Nuclei (F32)
Toric IOL in Refractive and Cataract Challenging Cases (F63)
Toric IOLs in Special Cases (F28)
Transzonular Intravitreal Injection of Triamcinolone and Moxifloxicin After IOL Insertion in Lieu of Preop/Postop Eyedrops (F47)
Uniocular Aniridia Fibrosis Syndrome in Congenital Aniridia With Bilateral Iris Prostheses (F25)
Xenon Light Probe–Assisted Phacoemulsification in Case With Corneal Clouding (F30)