Chicago 2012
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Conjunctival Sparing Technique for Pterygium Surgery (F115)
Coreoplasty in Patient With Extensive Persistence of Pupillary Membrane (F106)
Corneal Transplantation—Past, Present, and Future (F107)
Eye Center Zone—Improving the Quality of Patient Experience (F109)
Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Keratoplasty: Step by Step (F111)
Glued Intraocular Lens: The Way Ahead (F112)
Lights, Camera, Action (F116)
Phacoemulsification in Patients with Kyphosis and Other Postural Disorders:How to Acheive a Balance Between Positioning and Surgery (F115A)
Reverse Optic Capture of Single-Piece Acrylic Posterior Chamber IOL in Setting of Posterior Capsule Rupture (F110)
What DMEK Is Going on: New Device for Injection of Endothelial Keratoplasty Grafts (F108)