Chicago 2012
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BB Gun Injury: Principles for Successful Anterior Segment Reconstruction (F135A)
Crack and Rock—Posterior Polar Cataract Management in Phacoemulsification (F146)
Crater and Split—Is Space Necessary to Remove Nuclear Pieces in the Bag? (F136)
Differential Diagnosis of Descemet Tears and Surgical Outcome of Infantile Glaucoma With Acute Corneal Hydrops (F140)
Fibro Follies (F149)
How to Choose Your Refractive Surgery Patient (F142)
Let There Be Wavefront II (F139)
Many Faces of the Anterior Vitreous, Season 2 (F147)
Maximizing Outcomes and Minimizing Complications in Phacoemulsification in Posterior Polar Cataracts (F144)
Medical Genetics and Corneal Dystrophies (F138)
Phacoemulsification: Observing the Technique of Residents and Experienced Surgeons (F137)
Removal of Metallic Foreign Body From Angle (F141)
Tips and Tricks for Managing Cataract Surgery in Patients With ICE Syndrome (F143)
Unusual Case of Clear Lens Extraction (F145)