Chicago 2012
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Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Keratoconus: Are We Facing a New Subspecialty? (F176)
Artificial Intelligence: Back to the Future—Optimizing Refractive Surgery Screening (F184)
Corneal Resection for Large Marginal Keratectasia and Consequent Cataract Surgery (F180)
Donor Cornea Preparation in Partial Big-Bubble Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F183)
In Search of New Solutions (F186)
Intraocular Toric Lens in Patients With Previous Refractive Surgery (F188)
Novel Technique to Treat Necrotic Scleral Calcific Plaque (F181)
Ophthalmology Behind the Iron Curtain: Cataract Surgery in North Korea (F178)
Phaco Technology: 12 Years of Passion (F189)
Presbyopia Correction With Mix-and-Match Approach (F177)
Seventeen Cases in Which IOL Fell Into Vitreous Cavity and Was Extracted (F185)
To See or Not to See: That Is the Question (F179)